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Recruitment and job posting

We help clients create job postings and advertise the open positions on various job boards and social media platforms. Through various methods such as resume screening and pre-employment testing, Voyage Global Company can help identify and filter potential candidates for interviews.

Online course programs

Voyage Global Company offers programs that empower the youth with academic ,technical and professional skills. The aim of the project is to bridge the gap between the unemployed youth and the industry through facilitating online course training and on-the-job training programs. Online program take a duration of 2 months Training online followed by 12 Months Attachment earning allowance. Register for Courses! Terms and Conditions.

Job offer and negotiation

We assist with extending job offers and negotiating terms with potential candidates. By utilizing our services, clients can save time and resources in the recruitment process while ensuring they hire the most qualified and suitable candidates for your open positions. Voyage Global Company can help schedule, coordinate and conduct candidate interviews on behalf of clients.

Why Partner With Us

We have the Expertise:  Voyage Global Company has the expertise to find the best candidates for the job. We have 8 years experience in the recruitment industry and strategies to identify the right talent for our clients

We have the Network:  Voyage Global Company has the strongest network with both passive and active job seekers. We have connections with individuals who may not be actively looking for a job but could be a perfect fit for our clients.

We have Quality Candidates: Voyage Global Company provide clients with high-quality candidates. We have a rigorous screening process that helps identify candidates who meet the client’s requirements and have the right skills, experience, and culture fit 

We are Time-Saving:  Voyage Global Company understands recruitment can be a time consuming process. Our organization can take this burden off the client’s shoulder and handle all aspects of the recruitment process to save them time.

We are cost-effective:  Voyage Global Company saves client’s money by reducing the cost associated with hiring, such as job ads and candidate screening.

8 Years Experience

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